Jerkbait fishing is ON FIRE this Spring, the early warm Spring weather has resulted in some great sessions out on the water, hitting double digits every day. If you want to catch more pike on jerkbaits, stick around for the full length of this video! Jerkbait fishing for pike is one of the best ways to catch pike, year round! In this video, Sean Wit and Frans van der Putte from White Label Fishing will dive a bit deeper into:

– the type of jerkbaits we use to catch pike
– why we use them
– in which situation we use them (depth, time of year, etc.)
– rods used (like the SG4 Power Game)

During this session, one really ugly bait in particular resulted in a very uneven score.

Detailed info on the following jerkbaits:

– Savage Gear Jerkster
– Striker jerkbait
– Robinson Lures Glide Trout
– Tasy Lures
– Gator Jerk
– Lili XL from Esox Inc
– Lucky Roach from Lucky Lures
– Doombell Esox Inc
– Rozemeijer Tybrid

Featured brands in this video:
– Minn Kota
– Humminbird
– Suzuki Marine Outboards
– Rebelcell
– Savage Gear
– Grundéns
– Gator Sweden
– Esox Inc.
– iBoat / Imperial Fishing
– Leech (use code SEAN2021 for discount on Leech sunglasses!)
– Okuma

White Label Fishing offers limited guided trips in both Sweden and the Netherlands, more info can be obtained via:


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  1. If you need more baits like the tybrid you can contact me for the Mopskop. It's older than the tybrids but also made Based on a tybrid 😉 something not everyone knows. But it's not my best one..

  2. The name Jenka comes from a traditional swedish chewing gum which has the same colors on the packaging as that lure does 🙂 Seems like the pike like to chew on them too!


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