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  1. Wow….

    I wish I could post photos on here. My oldest daughter stuck a 5 when she was 6 years old. Didn't see it coming.

    Evers, I know how that feels. It's always fun when you get to watch someone catch their PB. However, when your child catches there's, while out on the water with you!? There is NO MAN, more proud in this moment in time, than you are. Incredible feeling.


  2. Proud Dad moment for sure! AMAZING fish! WOW! I live in Washington state, and our state record is 12.53 (caught in 2016), which beat the previous record of 11.57 (1977). That's a beast of a fish for sure! Congrats to the youngun! My favorite Dad quote is, "my ceiling is my son's floor!"

  3. To the 4 people that hit the 👎🏽 on this video, you really should be ashamed of yourself. That 12lb bass will not only change the way Kade views fishing forever but it’s also a priceless memory between a father and son that they both will carry throughout life. Congratulations Kade on the fish of a lifetime and to you both for this awesome father son moment.

  4. My son ….7 at the time would go to a lady friends pond behind her house and fish. It was probably a 2 acre pond. I would always let him start in front of me to get the 1st/fresh bite….then I would follow him once he got got 1/4 way around the pond. I got about 50 yds down the bank behind him and was throwing a green/yellow swirl worm in the middle and on 1 cast i thought i was hung up on the bottom and after about 20 seconds I realized it was a fish. I could barely doing anything with it and after a couple of minutes she came to the top and jumped and tried to throw the hook…..after about 5 minutes I got her to the bank and she went 11.2 lbs….my pb. To this day I wish my son could have caught her.
    Congratulations to you and your son…..yes he caught her but you put him in position to be there for the opportunity, good job dad!!!!

  5. The thumbs down are purely jealous. They have no clue how rare it is to catch a fish that big! The best part of it was Dad was there to share his son's catch of a lifetime. Great catch!

  6. Great job. A father and son moment that will last the rest of your life. Now he has one up on you. Sounds like the start of a big bass contest between the 2 of you. all in fun though for sure

  7. Wow!!!! That was epic to watch. I am so glad for you and your son and that you got to be together when he caught that giant!!!! Your videos truly warm my heart! I'll bet it feels so good to be his proud dad, until he starts reminding you your PB is smaller. Lol!!!!


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